Marketing Planning Summit 

Imagine Your Fitness Club Ending in 2018 by SMASHING Your Membership Sales Targets!

…That’s the benefit of Joining us in London at our Quarterly Marketing Planning Summit

  • Get ahead of your marketing Planning
  • Get a whole new raft of ideas to improve your lead generation and sales conversions
  • Save yourself a lot of time by STEALING proven copy and content from some of the UK ‘s most experienced fitness club marketeers

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Tuesday 21st August

10:00 am - 4 pm 


David Lloyd Leisure

The Hangar, Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9AX  

That’s the idea behind our forthcoming 2018 Club Marketing Planning Day  

When you combine all the best offline and online marketing practices into a system you will find that EVERYTHING becomes more effective. 

You see most businesses are haphazard in their approach to sales, marketing and service. This means the RESULTS are unpredictable too …. 

We invite you to Join Momentum clients as together we plan a multi layered systemised 12 week sales and lead generation plan at our quarterly preview summit. 

Time left until the Marketing Planning Summit starts...


 What’s going to happen on the day? 

  • To start with we will give you: complimentary copies of our “Momentum 12 Marketing Planning System” 
  • This pack includes schedules, checklists, and planning templates for you to use to formulate your campaigns.
  • Next we show you how to use these tools to help you create your Club plan by the end of the day!
  • During the main event of the day, we will be breaking the 12 week period down into its constituent marketing areas using our “Golden Triangle Model”
  • We will then present to you our suggestions for the lead generation activities, sales conversion strategies, and customer service initiatives we recommend as well as alternative options for you to consider. 
  • We will make sure that you have time to discuss the ideas with your colleagues or simply consider what’s right for your own club. 

The whole mission is for you to leave the session with a systemised but sophisticated thought through plan that you can deploy in your club!  

Here are more benefits of attending

  • You will learn tons from the experiences of the other delegates and share their successes 
  • You will hear and learn some new cutting edge offer incentive strategies 
  • You can take away Artwork templates and use or customise as your own 
  • You will leave the day with “ready to go” Email campaigns, blog posts, tweets 
  • You will hear and see how and why our pre – built online marketing offers deliver so successfully 
  • See how we utilise “Affiliates” to help you without you lifting a finger! 
  • Steal “Referral” ideas you can use immediately to ramp up interest and boost your sales. 
  • You will Swipe scores of ideas that will improve your sales and marketing performance the minute you get back to your club!

Our Guarantee to you 

We guarantee you a great session and one which will both SAVE you time and MAKE you more productive 

We look forward to you joining us …Bring a Colleague and share the experience of the day 

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David Lloyd Leisure

The Hangar, Hatfield Business Park 

Hatfield, Hertfordshire 

AL10 9AX

10:00 am - 4:00 pm



If this is somehow delivered to an existing Momentum Digital Client then, we apologise and remind you that your attendance at the day is GUARANTEED and FREE of CHARGE.

Please contact Momentum direct on 0207 917 2780 to reserve your places Thanks!